Trans Global Group, Inc., is entering the growing marijuana business space. The Company is filing a Tier 1 Reg A offering to raise funds to enter the marijuana sector. Tier 1 Reg A offerings allow companies to raise up to $20 million in a twelve-month period. The funds raised will be used to invest in operating facilities, as well as the purchase of existing locations and licenses. There are multiple revenue streams within the marijuana sector that range from growing marijuana to warehousing, to financial services.

The funds objective is to invest capital into several companies that work within the marijuana sector. Investments would range from a minimum of 25% to 100% equity acquisition, or joint ventures with existing companies, with current management staying in place.

Overtime certain investments maybe spun off through a distribution to the shareholders of the Company.

Over the course of the next 45 days a name and ticker change will take place, along with the filing of the Reg A, and the launch of a new website.

During the Reg A funding process, capital will be raised in $500,000 increments to limit dilution of the company, so as to maintain a higher share price.